Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coffeecup Software Promo Code Coupon Sale

I just got a newsletter from Coffeecup announcing its discount sale of its website maker software. Please see the message below and avail of its discount promo code:
Did you upgrade to The HTML Editor 12.5 yet? You should—together with the new HTML Editor resource pack it’s pure dynamite!

We’ve added snazzy features that give you web coding superpowers and rearranged existing ones for a more efficient workflow. Then we removed some older stuff (it would have slowed you down). Here’s an overview:

- Pop-out preview window (use it next to your code or in a second monitor)
- Real-time preview (see HTML and CSS changes to your page as you make them)
- S-Drive syncing (hands-down, the simplest way to publish)
- Quick Live Preview (your site on the web, fast—for exclusive eyes only)
- Open file tabs are now above the main coding window (browser-like — real sweet!)
- Two toolbars consolidated into one spiffy megabar (nice and clean)
- Dropped the Preview tab in favor of newer, better preview options
- Removed the Visual Component (it was based on stuff Microsoft no longer supports)

The newly introduced HTML Editor Resource Pack you will help you get the most out of the new HTML Editor. Here is what it does for you:

1. Brand-spankin’-new themes: You won’t believe how flexible these themes are. Unlike other themes, these ones can be molded into a brand new one with ease. Hard to believe? Just check this out:

Powered by specially engineered “smart” graphics, one single theme unlocks an endless number of variations. Just imagine what you can do with all 5 of them!

These theme graphics have been specially constructed so that color changes and other customizations are a breeze with Web Image Studio. Try it and you’ll see what makes them smart!

2. The smart graphics for the themes included in the Editor: Open them in Web Image Studio, select the color you want to change, and you’re done! There’s no need to wrestle your way through a complex set of tools or change every single element. Just replace the old image or change the path to the new image in the Editor:

Swap background colors, button styles, and images, then marvel at the new design that continues to grow after each step.

3. Web Image Studio (your tool for easy image changes): The key to fast and fun theme editing. Open the smart graphics (.wif files) from your theme, make the changes you want, and export. Now you’ve got graphics that you can truly call your own.

4. 74 colossally cool graphics to top off your design: Buttons, highlights, signs, labels, and various knick-knacks to snazz up your pages. And they’re all smart and editable with Web Image Studio.

Add up all this great stuff and it would cost over $159—which is totally worth the magic you get. But hey, we decided to make this deal even sweeter, so:

For the next few days you can get everything above for just $69! (Save $90!)

Get the best version of the best HTML Editor on the planet and everything you need for visually compelling websites. Who could argue with that?

If you already have Web Image Studio (and many people do) you can get everything else for just $49. Think you don’t need the power of WIS? No way, buddy! One try and you’ll see you’re going to need it to rule the web (and we don’t offer the new themes without it—sorry). :)

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